Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yay! I've made it! One more semester of college down and who-knows-how-many left!

At least for the next three months, my computer will be be used for nothing but writing...and blogging, and the occasional Google search...and maybe once or twice to read those shamefully addictive gossip sites...

But I  will finish another book! Before I go back to school in the fall! Definitely!...I think.

Either way, I'm going to write the crap out of one of my books--probably Feel...or Blessedly Fallen...or Don't Be Such a Witch...hmmm. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

If you have an opinion about which one I should finish first (or try to), leave me a comment and let me know! I'll even make a poll so you can vote on it...(Mostly, I just really want to use the poll gadget and this gives me an excuse. Ha!)

Anyhoo, I look forward to getting another book under my belt. I get such a rush when I finish a book, but then again, I never truly feel like I've finished. There's always that niggling feeling to go back and tweak it. Ah, I could work on the same book for, like, the rest of my life if I let myself.


  1. When I started reading your work, I thought it was a published novel and that scribd posted a sample of. I tried to look up for book on store sites but I couldn't find it. Thats when I started to look at your scribd page and then here. You're a great writer! I'm love with Blessedly Fallen and Feel. Hope you finish them soon. I'm dying to read more.

  2. When are you going to post the third book in the I'm A Vampire. So What? series on the Scribd? I <3 that series -- and all of your other books -- so much ! Can't wait for you to post more of the I'm A Vampire series !

  3. I really hope I get to read 'My Dark Past'.

  4. Is the book feel finished? I am not seeing it available anywhere.

  5. I can't find my dark past any where I want to read it soooo bad!!!!

  6. Omg I can't find my dark past anywhere it is making me so mad cause I really want to read it soooo bad!!!!