Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yay! Votes!

Thanks 4 Voting!

5 votes is 5 more than I thought I would get...awesome!

The book-writing front is beginning to look very promising for the next two-weeks. I will be housesitting for a co-worker...and they don't have cable! It should prove to be good conditions for putting hands to keyboard (instead of pen to paper) and making some headway on the next "I'm a Vampire" book and Feel...since Feel is winning by one

Hmmm...I wonder if she has internet?


  1. i feel tht you should write the crap out ot FEEL!!! omg i love ur writing and i check like everyday to see if youve written more. its def one of my fave books and im dying to see how the story ends!!! please please plaese finish FEEL 1st!!

  2. I <3 Feel! It's SO good. I love your writing! It's SO much better than mine! lol It sort of ROCKS! Love Feel, and I'm A Vampire. So What. series. And pretty much ALL over your books, so yeah ...