Monday, October 24, 2011

My Angel! of them anyway.

So I was browsing the web, looking for inspiration, and I ended up finding this picture of Toby Hemingway when he was in The Covenant (love that movie!) and it instantly made me think of Lyle for my book Blessedly Fallen. Even the way his eyes are freakishly gold matches my description perfectly--not to mention his platinum locks! What do you think? Is he Lyle-like? 

Speaking of Blessedly Fallen, the book has finally reached 400 hundred pages, of an expected 500. I hope to soon be announcing it's finished! But I'm also hoping a million bucks will wind up mysteriously on my doorstep...we'll see which one happens first. (Please...let it be the money!)

** I don't claim to own this picture, nor the rights to it. Just in case anyone was in doubt. ;) **

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