Sunday, August 28, 2011


After hitting a brick wall (metaphorically speaking), I decided it was time to fuel my brain with more delicious drama in the hopes of once again being back on the road to finishing a novel!

My fuel source: the nearest B&N.
My mission: Part one, Coffee--the frozen frappucino kind, with whip cream, and part two, books with yummy drama (preferably supernatural drama).

With a frozen coffee in hand, I made and hasty path to the teen fiction section and began scouting, mostly picking up only the books with "pretty" covers. What can I say, I'm book-shallow.

Needless to say, I went a little nuts. At first, I tried to hold all the books I'd decided to buy in my hands, but when I could no longer flip through other books because I was clinging desperately to the ones in my hands, I decided it was time to get down and dirty... I grabbed a basket. Oh, but that only allowed me to go even more off the chain. I became a mad, book grabbing machine. If something looked cool, it was in the basket, it didn't matter what the heck the story was.

It only occurred to me that I might have been biting off more than I could chew, or pay for, when my arm suddenly went numb. The basket, which was now loaded, had cut off any blood flow below the point where the two plastic handles looped over my arm.

"Crap..." I muttered, knowing that some--most--of the books would have to go back.

It was a very grueling process of ruling out which book to take and which to keep. I had to judge based on three criteria. 1. Did the book have an interesting storyline. 2. Did the book relate in some way to the kinds of books I like to write. 3. (And this one is very, very important) Was the book pretty.

Though it was hard to part with all those other books, I believe I ended up with seven totally awesome, and pretty, books that I can't wait to dive into--thus giving me a muse-like pick-me-up while I try to write my own.

Let me know if you've read any of these, and what you thought after you were done...please???!
And if you have suggestions for any of my future B&N runs, holla back!

(Books in order)
1. Sweep Volume 1 - by Cate Tiernan
2. The Hollow - by Jessica Verday
3. Ultraviolet - R. J. Anderson
4. The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, The Pink Carnation Series, Book 6 - by Lauren Willig
5. The Fallen Book 1 - Thomas E Sniegoski
6. Fury - Elizabeth Miles
7. Supernaturally (the sequel to Paranormalcy) - Kiersten White

My Homework! The good kind!


  1. I've read Supernaturally, and it was pretty awesome. Sometimes I got sorta lost and I'd have to re-read ( a thing of which I had no problem doing, since I'm a book fanatic, so it was all good ) & the Hollow was EPIC! <3ed it SO much. I am awaiting the third book in that series dramatically, like each day is closer to my death and I absolutely HAVE to read that book before I die.


  2. Haha, hang in there! Hopefully the time will pass quickly until you get to read the next book in the series.

    I just finished reading The Hollow yesterday---I'm hooked. Can't wait to find out what happens with Abbey & Caspian & Ben!

    Sweep is pretty awesome too! I totally recommend it.

  3. I have read the entire Sweeps Series and loved them all. I have the entire series as individual books, so they were very short books that I could read in an afternoon. Would have loved to have read them in the Volumes that are out now.
    Also the Hollow and am currently reading the final book in the trilogy. Absolutely loved the first two books. The Hollow had me hooked within the first chapter.

  4. When are you going to post more of your books on the Scribd?!?! They're amazing! - can't wait to read more of them. : )

  5. I second what Nina W. said! Your writing is amazing :)

  6. Thanks Nina & Lari!

    Sometimes I forget that I've actually posted/published anything, and then I get awesome comments like yours and I'm, like, "Wait, I actually did that! And there are people who actually like it. Cool!"

    I know I've neglected my Scribd account for a while... shame on me. But today I posted the teaser for the third 'I'm a Vampire' book, and hopefully soon I'll have some good news about Blessedly Fallen being finished/published.